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Rise Up And Begin New Trails!

Rise Up And Begin New Trails Following the “old” paths from the past will NEVER work. Why keep persisting .. while knowing that it never worked previously. In relationships there are many of us that keep using the same way...
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VIDEO Romance at Sunset

Who do you spend the end of your day with? Is this a beautiful, relaxing time of the day? Or … is it a time for rushing around … trying to squeeze in another few minutes of doing … Or … Do you...
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Putting the Rrrr Back Into Romance

  When you think about Romance, what do you actually think about?  Do you get a picture in your mind of fun, loving and connection with your loved one?  ….Or …. Do you get overwhelmed by trying to think of...
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Spend Time With Those You Love

  Spending time with those you Love can be the most fun … or the most trying! What we do know is … taking the time, making the effort and going the extra mile are what memories are made of....
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There Are No Stupid Questions About Love

Ask yourself the question … when it comes to love … will you ever have all the answers?   The one way you can start to find the answers is by asking questions … and when it comes to love...
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Love Notes You Can Write

Love Notes are a great Romantic way to let the person you are with that you are thinking about them, connecting in a special way that only the two of you know about! It is a way to connect throughout...
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The Three Greatest Things In This World

These are 3 Greatest Things in This World! These three things may sound so simple, but are the three things we would all love to have in our lives, to fill our lives and our days with the beauty and...
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Add the Romantic Spark To Your Relationship

What makes some relationships appear magical, while the daily rush of life consumes other relationships? It can often feel like the spark that drew you together has dimmed, but it does not necessarily have to be like that, as long...
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Romantic Love Messages

Here are a few Romantic Love messages you could send that make being in Love even more fun! Great news … You have found an amazing person who you really connect with – it is now time to let them...
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