Imagine … having someone’s attention on you … 100%.ILRL Listening

Does this sound like something strange or unusual?

Since the advent of television, the radio, the internet and most recently social media, there has been so much “noise” and things happening around us that people have forgotten the ‘art of listening’.

Stopping …

Taking a moment and actually listening to the other person can be magical.

The other person actually gets to be heard, felt and responded to in a heart-felt way. You also find out what is going on for them in their world.

Being disciplined enough to listen, to not talk and focus on what is being said can be a challenge. Or, because the conversation has triggered off a thought or something important to you … you may want to actually have an opportunity to talk. Remember, your mind can be like a puppy, bouncing around wanting to get attention.

A major rule is that if you have made the commitment to listen … then you need to follow through and actually pull your mind back in line … and re-commit to the conversation.

Some people find listening really challenging, a way to work around this is to do a few activities, or training games to get your mind to focus on what you want! You can do this by listening to a radio or a television or recorded speech. You let the speech run for a fixed time, say five minutes to start with. If your mind loses track of what the speaker is saying, then restart the speech. Do it with different speeches till you can listen without a break for five minutes. Next, increase this time to ten minutes, and repeat the exercise.

You will find that you can concentrate better, and comprehend what the speaker is saying. You now need to repeat the exercise using a video, where the speaker waves his hands or stops for effect or rattles off sentences.

You will find that very often these minor things send your mind on its own trip. You need to stop the mind from doing so.

You are now ready to listen to people in real life. Your mind will stay focused, and you will find that you are a better listener now.

Being a better listener can mean that you can be Romantic in the most important ways, you will know what your partner, lover or love interest really likes, wants to do with you and more especially enjoys.

You will always be able to “surprise” them because you have found out what is important to them.

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