Love Notes are a great Romantic way to let the person you are with that you are thinking about them, connecting in a special way that only the two of image (1)you know about!

It is a way to connect throughout your day, to bring a smile to their face!

Send a Text
Remember when you were dating and every message from your spouse made your heart flutter? Getting a romantic text from you in the middle of the day that says something like, “I miss you!” or “I’m looking forward to date night tonight” can have the same affect. A simple message will brighten “the” special person’s day.

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Use a Post-it
Post-It notes are great, you can leave them in different parts of the house! They also can be put onto almost anything without leaving a mark. You could create a path of clues through your house leading to a bigger surprise. Or, you could scatter them in places that you know your partner frequents during the day.

Write on the Mirror
This is a favorite of many Romantics at heart, because it’s fast and it cleans up easily too. If you leave for work, or have to head out earlier than your partner leave little messages on the bathroom mirror for him or her to find later. Dry erase markers are perfect for this! Or, you can buy a special mirror marker which are really easy to clean off. You could also sneak into the room while they’re showering and write a message on the mirror with the marker, what a great surprise for when they hop our of the shower!


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