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When you think about Romance, what do you actually think about?

 Do you get a picture in your mind of fun, loving and connection with your loved one?

 ….Or …. Do you get overwhelmed by trying to think of things to do?

 If you are the second type of person, this blog article is for you!! For many of us Romance is in the mind and the heart … Romance is in the eyes … Romance is in words … Romance is in music … Romance is in beauty.

 If you are wanting to create a Romantic experience … put on some lovely music, with meaningful words and your thoughts will automatically turn to your darling.

 Romance has to do with senses. The senses receive stimuli and take us to the phase of romance. If you can combine a beautiful sight, with lovely music and love thoughts, you will be creating a romantic atmosphere in a short time. You will not have to do it … it will happen.

 To be honest, many of us spend time at work in surroundings that are highly unromantic. Often these are four walls, full of cubicles and people working on their computers, which cannot by any stretch of imagination be called romantic.

 What if you created a space with some relaxing screen-savers, and if possible relaxing music, with meaningful words that helped to change this experience into a more positive one?

 This way … whenever you are feeling unexcited and tired with your work, remove the stress and go in the mood of romance with such screen-savers that are full of love thoughts.

 Romance is enchanting. 

Romance is life giving.

 If you are in romantic love, please don’t waste any time. Enjoy the love as much as you can.  The clock does not turn back. Same applies with romance.

  Bring romantic thoughts in front of you and enjoy the bliss now.

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"Romance is what adds so much to a relationship, it sparks the interest and keeps the flames of love alive between people who love each other." - Julia R.