Spending time with those you Love can be the most fun … or the most trying!

What we do know is … taking the time, making the effort and going the extra mile are what memories are made of.

There is a really great theory that says that 95% of everything is excellent, and 5% is often the problem “bits”. Unfortunately many of us focus on the 5% and give it all the energy.

What would happen if we did focus on the great .. the magical and the truly amazing time we spend together, the 95% where we are connecting and having fun?

Are you going to take the opportunity to create some long lasting memories and be someone who says … “I am glad I did”?

Have a magical Christmas celebration with your loved ones … and make it a memorable Christmas 2014!

Julia R. Julia R. (16 Posts)

"Romance is what adds so much to a relationship, it sparks the interest and keeps the flames of love alive between people who love each other." - Julia R.