These are 3 Greatest Things in This World!image

These three things may sound so simple, but are the three things we would all love to have in our lives, to fill our lives and our days with the beauty and inspiration that Love brings .. at all the levels bringing inspiration and expansion of our lives!

The First is …

#1 To Love Someone

Loving someone is such a gift, to know, feel and really connect with someone in a “special” and touching way.

For many of us there are different types, or kinds of love … the love we have for a child, the love we have for a friend, the love we have for a parent or loved one, the love we have for a pet … and we also have the romantic love we have towards someone who holds our heart in their hands, with loving care and connection!

The Second is …

#2 For Someone to Love You Back

Being loved by someone is often a gift we receive, it may be any or all of the ones that were mentioned in #1, having someone who feels that “connection” of being and feeling special!

In today’s busy life this can be even more unique and special because they have opened their heart to make space to love you in their own unique way!

The Third, and most inspiring is …

#3 For the First and Second thing to happen at the Same Time!

Wow! This is when the Wow Factor happens!!

Imagine … It’s like two incredible events colliding and making magic, this happens when you feel and acknowledge the connection, and the other person feels and acknowledges the connection … then the magic, or chemistry starts to become even more exciting and more powerful!

When you have two people who feel this connection, as well as a Romantic connection this is when they start to really “feel” a Deep and Meaningful Love.

May you experience all three, at the same time … creating a Loving and Romantic Life!

Julia R. Julia R. (16 Posts)

"Romance is what adds so much to a relationship, it sparks the interest and keeps the flames of love alive between people who love each other." - Julia R.