Ask yourself the question … when it comes to love … will you ever have all the answers?


The one way you can start to find the answers is by asking questions … and when it comes to love and loving, there are not any stupid questions … or answers.

 There always seem to be more to learn about love, and just when you think you are starting to get the answers, life happens and we get a totally different view on things.

 Reality comes down to getting and giving love where you can get and give love, however trivial or serious the source of the love may seem to be.

Love is a feeling and emotion that transcends seriousness or trivial silliness. Treat Love as the value it is and use it carefully and make sure you do not abuse it. 

 When you realise that you are not just considering love by searching through “stupid” questions or answers about love, it is all about context, understanding and the realities about love. As we mature and expand our experience of life, and love … we start to create new meanings, new understandings and a whole new series of values that surround it.

 Love is something to be experienced, a sensation or gamut of emotions that run through our lives dancing, twirling and mesmerizing even the disillusioned amongst us.

 To open up the possibilities, start asking the questions, the crazy, zany, fun, serious, hard, impossible, insipid and even the most colourful to expand your experience of creating an experience that transends where you are right now!

Julia R. Julia R. (16 Posts)

"Romance is what adds so much to a relationship, it sparks the interest and keeps the flames of love alive between people who love each other." - Julia R.